NEVER BETTER! | Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Black Open Beta

Since I got my new pc, I give the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout open beta a try to test it out!

NORMAL CANADIAN WINTER | Darwin Project (Early Access) – #1

I try out the most Canadian, weather accurate representation of our country in Darwin Project!

WE NEED THE LIGHT! | God o War (PS4) – Playthrough – #6

We head back in God of War to get the light and get back to Midgard!

BEST KILLSTREAK EVER! | Battlefield V – Open Beta

Time to drop into WWII and and give the Battlefield V open beta a spin!

LIKE PLAY DOH! | Trying Out: Claybook (PS4)

I try out a small peaceful and playful game of clay mashing in Claybook!

WHY SO MANY BOMBS?! | Trying Out: Little Shop of Junk

Trying to stay organized in this small space and filling orders is quite difficult in Little Shop of Junk. #LundumDare42

ItchIo Game Link


WHAT IS HAPPENING?! | Demo Me This: Transference: The Walter Test Case

I embarque on one of the weirdest and emotional journeys in Transference: The Walter Test Case!


Time to find who killed the park ranger in Scorch!

PORTAL MAYHEM | God of War (PS4) – Playtrough – #5

Time to find the light in this new plane of existence in God of War!

FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRINK ROAD | God of War (PS4) – Playthrough – #4

Time to depart the witch and make our way to the bottom of the hill in God of War!