Video Games – Update – GTA Online gets festive


Who said Christmas time had no gaming news? I did, but that doesn’t matter because we got a Festive Surprise for Grand Theft Auto Online today. It features a couple of new things, so lets not waste time with non-sense.

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Video Games – Update – Warframe Archwing Update


Since the launch of the PS4 and most recently on Xbox One, Warframe has flown by 12 million registered users and still going upwards. This free-to-play game introduces a bunch of new features and almost revamp the entire Warframe concept by introducing Archwing technology which will let players fly in space with minus the ship. This update is now available since November 20th at 1pm eastern time.
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Video Games – Update – The Last Team Standing Update for GTA V

Rockstar Games offers us another update for the online portion of GTA V called The Last Team Standing update. It give access to new tactical gear, high-performance vehicles and powerful weaponry. This update also adds features to the creator and 10 new jobs across Los Santos and Blaine County. This update is available now on PS3 and Xbox 360.
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