SAVING PASTOR JEROME | Far Cry: New Dawn (PS4) – #2

We meet am angry bear and find our old friend Pastor Jerome in Far Cry: New Dawn!

DIVIDED BY 2 | The Division 2 – Private Beta

Boot up, agent! Time to go to Washington and get control of the city in The Division 2!

BEHIND ENEMY LINE | Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness DLC – #1

We get downed behind enemy line in Far Cry 5’s first DLC Hours of Darkness!

E3 2017 CONFERENCE ROUND-UP – EP.20 – MTG Podcast

In this week’s episode of MTG Podcast, I round up all the best parts of this year’s E3 press conferences!

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Voice-Actors Stop Acting, Bethesda Cuts Off The Media | Last Week’s Gaming News – October 31st, 2016 

This week in Last Week’s Gaming News,  I cover November’s free PS Plus games,  Watch Dogs 2’s new trailer,  Voice-Actors strike, Bethesda not offering review copies, Hello Games’ “mistake”  tweet and GAME’s PSVR demo costs. 
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Video Games – Youtube – The Crew Beta Impressions

thecrewbetaimpressions_bannerSince The Crew released yesterday, I decided to release a video of my first impressions on The Crew Beta. Please do keep in mind this is my first video and video editing is not my profession. So with that said, please enjoy and tell me what you think in the comments below.  Tips, tricks and criticism are all accepted.


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Video Games – Preview – Far Cry 4 Season Pass Trailer


Finally, the long-awaited sequel to Far Cry 3 is upon us and is getting awesome reviews (ours is coming soon). If you’re like me, you enjoyed FC3 and will enjoy FC4, but what if you want more? Well, I got the right trailer for you! Earlier this week, we got what was coming down the pipe for the Season Pass holders of FC4 and boy oh boy does it look interesting. Now mind you, I still didn’t get a change to play FC4 yet, but I will get too it really soon.
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Video Games – Impressions – The Crew Beta


This past weekend, Ubisoft let loose its Beta for the upcoming game The Crew. I had the chance to get my hands on one of those keys and played a lot of it. Now, I’ll start by saying i am not a racing game professional but I understand what is needed for these type of games to work properly. So with that said, let’s go hands on with The Crew Beta. Please do keep in mind, there might be some spoilers below.

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Video Game – Preview – Far Cry 4 Story Trailer


With only weeks away, Ubisoft released yesterday a nice appetizer for what is to come of Far Cry 4’s story. The trailer below will definitely leave you wanting more. If you’re still on the fence on if FC4 is for you, people who played the game extensively say that is more of what we know and love of Far Cry franchise, especially FC3. So take a glimpse into the world of Kyrat and enjoy what stories you will discover on your journey.

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Videos Games – Preview – Watch Dogs “Bad Blood” DLC

Ubisoft released information about the coming up DLC for Watch Dogs by the name of Bad Blood.
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