HOWDY ONLINE PARTNERS! | Red Dead Online (PS4) – #1

Cowboys with friends is always a good idea in Red Dead Online! I give it a go it the first hour of gameplay!

NO JARED IN THIS SUBWAY | Max Payne (PC) – Playthrough – #2

We dive back into Max Payne and must find what’s really happening deep inside Roscoe’s subway station.


The emotional pain is real in Max Payne and for some reason, mobsters are dying very stereotypically Italian like.

RockStar Explodes Internet, Nintendo Switches On | Last Week’s Gaming News – October 24th, 2016

It’s that time again to take a closer look at last week’s gaming news. This week, I feature stories from Red Dead Redemption 2, Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Sun and Moon, Amnesia Collection, Horizon Zero Dawn and much more! Check it out, subscribe on Youtube and like the video! Enjoy!

Video Games – Announcement – GTA V for PC gets Delayed and Heists Gets Time Frame


Are you ready PC gamers to get Grand Theft Auto V on your system and start modding it?! Well unfortunately, you will have to way 2 more months before you can play the game. Announced in a press release today, Rockstar Games has announced that the game was push to March 24th, 2015. As mentioned on Rockstar’s Newswire, This is due to the game needing a couple more weeks of testing before players can start enjoying the game to its fullest. Here’s a couple of screenshots to help the wounds a weathered PC gamer, because you guys have waited a long time for GTA V to come out, and they’re in 4K resolution(If you would like to get these images in best quality, go to Rockstar’s Newswire, because I downsize the images to save server space):

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Video Games – Update – GTA Online gets festive


Who said Christmas time had no gaming news? I did, but that doesn’t matter because we got a Festive Surprise for Grand Theft Auto Online today. It features a couple of new things, so lets not waste time with non-sense.

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