Video Games – Ping of the Week – Remastered Games


*You can listen to the audio version on Me-Time Gamer Podcast – Episode 4*

If you’ve kept up with your video game backlog, you know when a new generation of consoles comes strolling in that you might not finish all your old generation games, definitely what happened to me. As of lately, a truck load of popular games have come out has “REMASTERED” or “HD” and gives you that chance to play your favorite ones on your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, which is great or is it? The real head scratcher in all of this comes a point where the consumer has to ask him or herself, “Is there too many old games coming to current consoles?” This is a valid question that many influential people in the gaming community have asked or they’ve been asked, and their responds are all over the map on this subject. So, are we tired of remastered games?

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