Video Games -Announcement – Release Dates for Heist and PC Version of GTA V


If you were reading the news yesterday, you might have seen some rumors floating around about GTA Online heist. I could have predicted it yesterday that we might have had a press release of Rockstar Games in the coming days because of this and here it is. Rockstar Games announced today in a press release the release date of the heists, March 10th, and the release date for the PC version of GTA V, delayed to April 14th. Here’s a couple of screenshots for your guys:

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Video Games – Announcement – Resident Evil Definitive Version


Resident Evil has always been a very popular franchise. It spans many generations of consoles and has evolved a lot during that time. My favorite in the series was always Resident Evil 2 with it’s 2 CDs and 2 different perspectives. Capcom has announced earlier this week that the popular Resident Evil game will have a definitive version coming out to consoles and PC. It`s set to release on January 20th, 2015 for the price of $19.99. Also, It will be available digitally for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Here`s the trailer and some screens while you wait:
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Video Games – Announcement/Trailer – Dark Souls 2 comes to PS4 and Xbox One


Late yesterday afternoon, We had a surprising announcement from From Software about a well-beloved, and difficult game. That game is Dark Souls 2, and its coming to PS4 and Xbox One with a new title: Scholar of The First Sin. This game will hit the shelf’s on April 7th of next year, oddly enough 2 weeks after the release of its similar counterpart Bloodborne. This just might be the fact that Bloodborne is published by Sony and Dark Souls by Bandai Namco.
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Video Games – Announcement – Tales From The Borderlands Release Dates


This came as a last minute surprise when Telltale Games announced when will the first episode from Tales From The Borderlands whats coming out. Well surprise surprise, is coming out today! But the only hiccups is that you can only get it on PS4, PS3 and PC for today. Not to worry, Xbox will get it tomorrow. All the release dates for regions and consoles were announced on Telltale’s official Twitter account yesterday . Here are there announcement tweets on there feed:
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