Video Games – Preview – Nominees for The Game Awards 2014 Announced


For the last couple of years, Gaming Award shows have been a hit or miss and with last year’s debacle we deserve a decent one. It came with no surprise when they announced a new gaming award show that we might get a proper one this time around. This one will take place in Las Vegas a day before The PlayStation Experience Event which is also in Vegas, on December 5th,2014.
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Video Games – Preview – New Bloodborne Screenshots


With the little bit of sad news this week that Bloodborne has been delayed until March 2015, Masaaki Yamagiwa, Producer at SCEJA, took over the US Playstation Blog and gave us some awesome screenshots and concept art about the game. These images give us a better look at some of the weapons, stages and more.
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Video Games – Preview – Game of Thrones Trailer


Telltale Games announced Game of Thrones game earlier this year and left everybody on the edge of their seats with only a teaser image to get your motors going. As it was shown this month, GoT will have 6 episodes for you to play as 5 members of the House Forrester. Although, this House is only somewhat mention in the books, this series will take place from around the beginning of season 3 of HBO’s Game of Throne to the beginning of season 5.
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Video Games – Preview – Official launch trailer for GTA V


With only a week to go, Rockstar Games gives us the Official launch trailer for current-gen GTA V which will also be the commercial trailer. We get to see lots of beautiful landscapes and the protagonists in action. I personally can’t wait to see first hand the differences between PS4 and PS3. This promises to be another big sell for the developer. After you see you trailer, tell us what you like about it. What are you expecting from GTA V in the current gen system?

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Video Games – Preview – GTA V release date for PS4, XBOX ONE and PC

Rock star Games announced today a release date for GTA V for PS4, XBOX One and PC. This rendition of the game which was released this time last year will offer new and improved graphics to fit with current generation consoles, and offer many new addition which gamers will love. Also, online players will be able to transfer there old gen characters to this one.

Rockstar also offer some small benefits for pre-ordering the game and if you own the game on the older consoles, you will also benefits from it. Current gen consoles will be able to get there hands on GTA V on November 18th while PC owners will have to wait till January 27th. For further information on this, please visit Rockstar Games.

Watch the trailer to see what’s in store for you:

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