Hardware – Review – Tritton Kama Headset for PlayStation 4


After playing games with the earbud that came with the PlayStation 4, I was ready to try out a new headset with a little bit more appeal but also functionality. I was also looking for a cheap alternative to more expensive gaming headset that had a good audio and comfort ratio. After searching the web a bit, I found the Tritton Kama for PlayStation 4 gaming headset available at my closest Future Shop/Best Buy and was not expecting the experience I got with this headset.

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Video Games – Trailer – Grand Theft Auto Online Heist


Do you see that?! In the distance far far away?! It’s a unicorn! O.k. maybe not but Rockstar Games announced not too long ago that the Heists are coming early 2015. Ya I know, they’ve been saying that for a while now and they address that with a funny remark at the start of the trailer below. Heists will require 4 players working together to plan, prepare and perform these events.

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Video Games – Opinion – Could there be only one?


For as long as I can remember, there have always been console wars. Nintendo versus Sega, Sony versus Microsoft to name a few. For the last couple of years, we have seen an increase in “exclusives” and “Only on” which most of the time leaves a sour taste in the mouth of the losing side. The big question is: Could there be only one? Think about it for a couple of seconds and let it sink in. I know what you are thinking, could I be losing my mind? What is he talking about? Well it’s simple, could we have a single console that did everything without the pain of arguing or envy?
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