Video Games – PSA – How GTA V Character Transfer Works


We are only days away before we can walk again in the streets of Los Santos. With all the news upgrades and add-ons, the game is definitely worth a second look. Yes I know, if you already own the old-gen game it might not look that intriguing to by another 70$ game. So why then? Well, you get a new first-person view in the game which is available in every aspect of the game, campaign and online. First-person alone adds more than 2400 graphical assets to the game let alone the revamped graphics of the game.
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Video Games – Update – The Last Team Standing Update for GTA V

Rockstar Games offers us another update for the online portion of GTA V called The Last Team Standing update. It give access to new tactical gear, high-performance vehicles and powerful weaponry. This update also adds features to the creator and 10 new jobs across Los Santos and Blaine County. This update is available now on PS3 and Xbox 360.
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