E.T. FIND HOME | No Man’s Sky: Next Update (PS4) – #2

We keep exploring to find Artemis and encounter some special that leads us to build a new home in No Man’s Sky: Next Update!

Voice-Actors Stop Acting, Bethesda Cuts Off The Media | Last Week’s Gaming News – October 31st, 2016 

This week in Last Week’s Gaming News,  I cover November’s free PS Plus games,  Watch Dogs 2’s new trailer,  Voice-Actors strike, Bethesda not offering review copies, Hello Games’ “mistake”  tweet and GAME’s PSVR demo costs. 
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Video Games – PlayStation Experience – No Man’s Sky at PSX


No Man’s Sky is a procedural universe game. At E3 last year, we were told that you might never see the same thing twice and that the universe of the game is extremely massive. Looking at the second trailer below, you can clearly see that the game is probably endless. If that’s the case, this will definitely get my attention when it comes time for a purchasing decision. NMS lets you discover many things in your travels. Find undiscovered locations, creatures and much more. What is really interesting about No Man’s Sky is that you’re in charge of your adventure and only you can prepare for what’s to come. I am really in love with this game just by looking at the trailers and really can’t wait to get a taste of it. Here is what they showed off at the Game Awards on Friday:
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