Blowing My Own Head | Let It Die – Gameplay – Part 2

I hit the Tower of Barbs once more in Let It Die as we progress through the levels. Oh, I also blow myself up for no reason whatsoever.

Mafia 3 – Gameplay – Part 6

We drop back into Mafia 3 to gather the family. Sal will never know what hit him. Please enjoy part 6 of my gameplay.

Video – Quantum Break – Playthrough – Part 11

Part 11 of Quantum Break coming at you right now. Only 2 more part left after this and then we are done this game. Enjoy!

Video – Quantum Break – Playthrough – Part 10

Some more Quantum Break coming at you with part 10 of our playthrough. Also, part 9 is available for your viewing pleasure. check it out!


Video – Quantum Break – Playthrough – Part 8

Another week, another part to our Quantum Break saga. Let keep going with part 8. Also, I forgot to post part 7 last week and it is available on my Youtube page. See you tomorrow!


Video – Quantum Break – Playthrough – Part 6

Our Quantum Break adventure continues with part 6. Check it out, hit that like button, subscribe and share!

Video – Quantum Break – Playthrough – Part 5

Another day, another part to the Quantum Break saga. Check out part 5 below and like/subscribe/share over on my Youtube channel.

Video – Quantum Break – Playthrough – Part 4

Part 4 is ready for your enjoyment and continues our journey in Quantum Break. Hit that like button and subscribe on my Youtube channel to support me in my passion.

Video – Quantum Break – Playthrough – Part 3

Part 3 of my playthrough of Quantum Break is up and ready for your enjoyment.  Check it out!

Video – Quantum Break – Playthrough – Part 1

Quantum Break is finally here and I got the chance to play it. This video is the first in, what I hope to be, a full playthrough serie of the game.  Go check it out, like it and subscribe to my Youtube channel