WHAT EVEN IS THIS?! | Uncanny Valley (PS4) – Playthrough – #3

The more I play of Uncanny Valley, the more I get lost in this crazy world. I love it!

NEVER ENDING HOTEL | Max Payne (PC) – Playthrough – #4

We march on to try and find a way out for this damn hotel in Max Payne and of course, people get in front of my gun show.


DON’T GET SNIPPY AT ME, BUCKO! | Uncanny Valley (PS4) – Playthrough – #2

Duty calls when we get back to work in Uncanny Valley and more stuff gets even weirder.


LEAVING A BAD YELP REVIEW | Max Payne (PC) – Playthrough – #3

I continue down the hotel of doom in Max Payne and I will definitely not be leaving a positive Yelp review.

THE HAND OF A LEADER | Trying Out: Antbassador (Itch.Io)

I try my hand at creating peace between me and Antopia in a small game called Antbassador!

Itch.Io Game Link: https://kzoradm.itch.io/antbassador


SECURITY IS USED LOOSELY | Uncanny Valley (PS4) – Playthrough – #1

We hit the 2D planes and drop into a horror survival game called Uncanny Valley. Stuff gets really weird quick!

NO JARED IN THIS SUBWAY | Max Payne (PC) – Playthrough – #2

We dive back into Max Payne and must find what’s really happening deep inside Roscoe’s subway station.

I DON’T HAVE A PATCH FOR THIS! | Trying Out: Scout (Itch.Io)

I’m left alone in the woods by my scout buddies and must get a signal to call home in Scout.

Itch.Io Game Link




The emotional pain is real in Max Payne and for some reason, mobsters are dying very stereotypically Italian like.

BECKY IS A GOOD GIRL, RIGHT? | Hidden Agenda – Playthrough – #4 (END)

It all comes to a close with some hard decisions in the conclusion of Hidden Agenda.