MAN’S WORSE NIGHTMARE | Trying Out: Inch by Inch

I make a mistake in the lab and I start shrinking in Inch by Inch. I must hurry and find the antidote!

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TAKING TIME FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE | Yakuza 6: The Prologue (PS4) – #5

I bench the main mission and focus on doing the little things that matter in Yakuza 6: The Prologue.

NO TOWELS FOR OLD MAN | Trying Out: Towel Required (Itch.Io)

Time to hit the showers in Towel Required, but some people don’t understand the social construct.

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PLANE PEOPLE ARE WEIRD | Trying Out: Concourse X-Ray

Time to patrol the airport terminal and crack down on people bring stuff they shouldn’t in Coucourse X-Ray.

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DRUGS ARE INVOLVED NOW?! | Max Payne (PC) – Playthrough – #8

Things got weirder in part 8 of Max Payne when drugs are given and bad trips were had.

NOT SURE I’M DOWN WITH THE DEVIL | Max Payne (PC) – Playthrough – #7

We hit the club to find one of our “friend” in Max Payne, but thing takes a demonic turn.


IS THIS REAL LIFE | Demo Me This: Dream Of Me

I wake up from my drunken stupor to find out that something weird is going on in Dream of Me demo.

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RUNNING IS MY MAIN ATTRIBUTE | Max Payne (PC) – Playthrough – #6

This apartment block won’t clean itself in Max Payne. This is where is show up.

THE NICEST PART OF TOWN | Max Payne (PC) – Playthrough – #5

We stroll through the streets and into our next crack den to find the right people in Max Payne.

NEVER ENDING HOTEL | Max Payne (PC) – Playthrough – #4

We march on to try and find a way out for this damn hotel in Max Payne and of course, people get in front of my gun show.