Every door is a mystery in this little game called Doors. I must find my way out of here before it’s too late.

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WHY U NO EAT MY MEATBALLS?! | Trying Out: Check, Please!

I go on a date with my special lady and she gets very demanding in Check, Please!

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MUST. GET. PROMOTION! | Trying Out: Minimum Wrage

It’s time to beat all the other employees and get that promotion in Minimum Wrage!


NOT THE MOST EFFICIENT METHOD | Trying Out: Magnethead Contruction Company

It’s just me, some I-beams, damn barrels and my magnetic head in Magnethead Construction Company

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MAN’S WORSE NIGHTMARE | Trying Out: Inch by Inch

I make a mistake in the lab and I start shrinking in Inch by Inch. I must hurry and find the antidote!

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NO TOWELS FOR OLD MAN | Trying Out: Towel Required (Itch.Io)

Time to hit the showers in Towel Required, but some people don’t understand the social construct.

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