NO BUENO! | Midnight Scenes – Episode 2: The Goodbye Note

You like sci-fi horror?! Midnight Scenes is the game the check out with Episode 2: The Goodbye Note!

Episode 1

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WHAT IS HAPPENING?! | Spooktober: September 1999

We are dropped right into one of the weirdest home videos EVER in September 1999 has we continue our Spooktober adventure!

WORD CSI | Spooktober: Crescent Bay

Our first game for Spooktober is Crescent Bay, a small like horror/suspense game!

GAME OF CHESS | Cube Escape: Paradox – Chapter 2 – Part 2

Time for me to get out of this room once more and see what the outside world has to offer in Cube Escape: Paradox, Chapter 2 – Part 2!

HERE AGAIN?! | Cube Escape: Paradox – Chapter 2 – Part 1

Time to get deeper into the mind of our detective and find out what is going on in Cube Escape: Paradox, Chapter 2 – Part 1

THE STRANGEST DESERT | Trying Out: Badiya (Early Access)

I get the chance to try out an early access game Badiya. The game has its flaws but still interesting!

WHY SO MANY BOMBS?! | Trying Out: Little Shop of Junk

Trying to stay organized in this small space and filling orders is quite difficult in Little Shop of Junk. #LundumDare42

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Time to find who killed the park ranger in Scorch!

SORRY, NOT SORRY | Trying: One Hand Clapping

I bring out my best singing pipes and try put One Hand Clapping!

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I make my way to an creepy, abandoned apartment building to find my kidnapped daughter in Indagar!

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