CAN’T. STOP. DOING. THINGS! | Demo Me This!: Dude, Stop!

I try to abandone my OCD in this nice little demo called Dude, Stop!

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I DID IT FOR YOUR! | Trying Out: Don’t Push The Red Button

I play a game that forces me to do things but Don’t Push The Red Button!

ORIGAMI TO MY HEART | Demo Me This!: A Fold Apart

I had the chance task to Corina Diaz at Lightning Rod Games to try out a small little demo of A Fold Apart!

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SPACE BLOCK ADVENTURE! | Demo Me This!: The Grand Block Odyssey

Time to try another game I saw at CGX 2018: The Grand Block Odyssey by Odd Breeze Games!

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SO MANY COLORS!! | Trying Out: Spectrum Break

I try out Spectrum Break, one of the games I saw at CGX 2018 after party made by Jason Hein! Check it out for yourself!

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TIME TO CUT AGAIN! | It’s Paper Guy (First Release/Itch.Io)

It’s Paper Guy gets it’s first release and I give it a go once more!

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A CARD FROM ME TO YOU | Trying Out: From Ivan (Itch.Io)

As the new HR manager, I must make moral go up and send my comrades CARDS in this fun little game called From Ivan!

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Every door is a mystery in this little game called Doors. I must find my way out of here before it’s too late.

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WHY U NO EAT MY MEATBALLS?! | Trying Out: Check, Please!

I go on a date with my special lady and she gets very demanding in Check, Please!

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MUST. GET. PROMOTION! | Trying Out: Minimum Wrage

It’s time to beat all the other employees and get that promotion in Minimum Wrage!