Video Games – Announcement – GTA V for PC gets Delayed and Heists Gets Time Frame


Are you ready PC gamers to get Grand Theft Auto V on your system and start modding it?! Well unfortunately, you will have to way 2 more months before you can play the game. Announced in a press release today, Rockstar Games has announced that the game was push to March 24th, 2015. As mentioned on Rockstar’s Newswire, This is due to the game needing a couple more weeks of testing before players can start enjoying the game to its fullest. Here’s a couple of screenshots to help the wounds a weathered PC gamer, because you guys have waited a long time for GTA V to come out, and they’re in 4K resolution(If you would like to get these images in best quality, go to Rockstar’s Newswire, because I downsize the images to save server space):

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Video Games – Trailer – Grand Theft Auto Online Heist


Do you see that?! In the distance far far away?! It’s a unicorn! O.k. maybe not but Rockstar Games announced not too long ago that the Heists are coming early 2015. Ya I know, they’ve been saying that for a while now and they address that with a funny remark at the start of the trailer below. Heists will require 4 players working together to plan, prepare and perform these events.

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Video Games – Review – Grand Theft Auto V/ Current Gen


Played On: PS4*
Available On: PS4/XBOX ONE/PC (also previously available on PS3 and Xbox 360)
Released On: November 18th, 2014
Developer: Rockstar North
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Genres: Action-Adventure, Open World
ESRB: M – Mature
Modes: Singleplayer, Multiplayer
Distribution: Disc, Download

*Review copy was sent by Rockstar Games*

We have been waiting to get this game for a bit more than a year and it’s released in a month filled with AAA titles. Coming out on the same day as Far Cry 4(review pending), Grand Theft Auto V is finally here with a bunch of new features for current-gen console owners and returning players to the GTA V universe.

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Video Games – Preview – GTA V New Screenshots: 30 Players, First-Person view, Online Creator


We are just a couple of days away from getting GTA V on the new consoles and the hype cannot be more present for it. We all the new features coming to the current gen, Rockstar Games wants to show us what is in store with a couple new screenshots of new or updated features.
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Video Games – Preview – Official launch trailer for GTA V


With only a week to go, Rockstar Games gives us the Official launch trailer for current-gen GTA V which will also be the commercial trailer. We get to see lots of beautiful landscapes and the protagonists in action. I personally can’t wait to see first hand the differences between PS4 and PS3. This promises to be another big sell for the developer. After you see you trailer, tell us what you like about it. What are you expecting from GTA V in the current gen system?

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Video Games – Update – The Last Team Standing Update for GTA V

Rockstar Games offers us another update for the online portion of GTA V called The Last Team Standing update. It give access to new tactical gear, high-performance vehicles and powerful weaponry. This update also adds features to the creator and 10 new jobs across Los Santos and Blaine County. This update is available now on PS3 and Xbox 360.
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Video Games – Preview – GTA V release date for PS4, XBOX ONE and PC

Rock star Games announced today a release date for GTA V for PS4, XBOX One and PC. This rendition of the game which was released this time last year will offer new and improved graphics to fit with current generation consoles, and offer many new addition which gamers will love. Also, online players will be able to transfer there old gen characters to this one.

Rockstar also offer some small benefits for pre-ordering the game and if you own the game on the older consoles, you will also benefits from it. Current gen consoles will be able to get there hands on GTA V on November 18th while PC owners will have to wait till January 27th. For further information on this, please visit Rockstar Games.

Watch the trailer to see what’s in store for you:

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