**New Info** Video Games – Update – GTA Online Gets Adversary Mode and More Alongside the Heists

With less than a week to go before we can get our hands on heists, Rockstar Games has announced a couple of new features coming alongside the heists on March 10th. One of the features is Adversary Modes which will pit players against each others in a couple of different ways.
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Video Games -Announcement – Release Dates for Heist and PC Version of GTA V


If you were reading the news yesterday, you might have seen some rumors floating around about GTA Online heist. I could have predicted it yesterday that we might have had a press release of Rockstar Games in the coming days because of this and here it is. Rockstar Games announced today in a press release the release date of the heists, March 10th, and the release date for the PC version of GTA V, delayed to April 14th. Here’s a couple of screenshots for your guys:

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Video Games – Update – GTA Online gets festive


Who said Christmas time had no gaming news? I did, but that doesn’t matter because we got a Festive Surprise for Grand Theft Auto Online today. It features a couple of new things, so lets not waste time with non-sense.

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Video Games – Review – Grand Theft Auto V/ Current Gen


Played On: PS4*
Available On: PS4/XBOX ONE/PC (also previously available on PS3 and Xbox 360)
Released On: November 18th, 2014
Developer: Rockstar North
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Genres: Action-Adventure, Open World
ESRB: M – Mature
Modes: Singleplayer, Multiplayer
Distribution: Disc, Download

*Review copy was sent by Rockstar Games*

We have been waiting to get this game for a bit more than a year and it’s released in a month filled with AAA titles. Coming out on the same day as Far Cry 4(review pending), Grand Theft Auto V is finally here with a bunch of new features for current-gen console owners and returning players to the GTA V universe.

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Video Games – Funny – “GTA ONLINE IS SO FUN!” by KSI


Here is a little gem I found last year at the launch of GTA Online. Since the current gen game is coming out, let’s have a bit of laughs and enjoy! **EXPLICIT LANGUAGE**

Credit goes to Youtuber KSI

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