Blowing My Own Head | Let It Die – Gameplay – Part 2

I hit the Tower of Barbs once more in Let It Die as we progress through the levels. Oh, I also blow myself up for no reason whatsoever.

Mafia 3 – Gameplay – Part 6

We drop back into Mafia 3 to gather the family. Sal will never know what hit him. Please enjoy part 6 of my gameplay.

Video Games – Round Up – PlayStation Experience and Game Awards

It has finally saw the light of day, PlayStation Experience. Although, shorter than most events of its kind, PSX showed us lots of great things that are coming on the Sony consoles and it couldn’t have been at a better time for PlayStation. It celebrated its 20th anniversary on December 5th when it released the PSOne in Japan in 1994.

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Video Games – PlayStation Experience – No Man’s Sky at PSX


No Man’s Sky is a procedural universe game. At E3 last year, we were told that you might never see the same thing twice and that the universe of the game is extremely massive. Looking at the second trailer below, you can clearly see that the game is probably endless. If that’s the case, this will definitely get my attention when it comes time for a purchasing decision. NMS lets you discover many things in your travels. Find undiscovered locations, creatures and much more. What is really interesting about No Man’s Sky is that you’re in charge of your adventure and only you can prepare for what’s to come. I am really in love with this game just by looking at the trailers and really can’t wait to get a taste of it. Here is what they showed off at the Game Awards on Friday:
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Video Games – PlayStation Experience – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Gameplay

It’s no surprise to anybody that we would have something about the new Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End at PS Experience. Did we? Of course we did! We finally have the chance to see some gameplay footage from the game and let me tell you, it looks pretty amazing. Some of the moves by Nathan are pretty awesome. The ever-popular grappling hook make’s an appearance. You also get some very cool takedowns in the process. Check it out:

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