Mysterious Deathclaws | Fallout 4 – PS4 Mods – Episode 4

In episode 4 of Fallout 4 – PS4 Mods, I try out the Mysterious Bunker PS4 mod. It’s filled with all your little heart desires.


Elevator Pitch Review – EP4 – Virginia


Welcome to Episode 4 of Elevator Pitch Review, where i give you the quick positive and negative of a recently released game. This episode is all about Virginia.

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MTG Podcast – Episode 4

MTGpodcast_banner_ep004Episode 4 of MTG Podcast features new releases for the week of February 3rd. This week in news covers Life is Strange Dev Diary 2, Sony partners with Spotify, free games for Xbox gold members, we lose a staple in the video game news industry and more! Ping of the week is Remastered Games



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