TV – Doctor Who – S8E11 “Dark Water”


Well, we are finally here, 2 episodes away from the end of this season. The 2 last episodes are a 2 part season finale and the first one is a cliff hanger. There will be spoilers in this review so be warned when reading. Let’s dive into the first episode “Dark Water”.

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TV – Review – Doctor Who – S8E9 “Flatline”


The Doctor is in for another episode of Doctor Who with a 2D/3D paradox, big/small Tardis and much more to wrap your head around. This one is titled “Flatline”.

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TV – Review – Doctor Who – S8E8 “Mummy on the Orient Express”


Here is another Doctor Who offering by the name of “Mummy on the Orient Express”. A little late again, I agree, but this one is another top shelf episode that needs a review.

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TV – Review – Doctor Who – S8E7 “Kill The Moon”


Here is a good head scratcher for the fans of Doctor Who. This week, we get to travel to the Moon and find out the secrets that lay within it with an episode named “Kill the Moon”.

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TV – Review – Doctor Who – S8E6 “Caretaker”


I’m a bit late on this one but better late than never. This episode of Doctor Who has less time and space travel but more weird behavior from the Doctor which we love. Here are my impressions on “Caretaker”.

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TV – Review – Doctor Who – S8E1 “Deep Breath”


At last, the doctor is in! The long awaited season 8 premiere has finally arrived and with a new doctor who joins Clara in the first episode named “Deep Breath”.

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