Video Games – Announcement – New Tony Hawk Game announced at CES


Earlier Tuesday, we had the pleasure of hearing that there will be a new Tony Hawk game in the series later this year. This announcement was made at CES in Las Vegas being held from January 6th to January 9th. No other details were revealed except that The game was going to get the “Tony Hawk” name in the tittle and the it was coming to PlayStation 4.
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Video Games – Announcement – DMC and Devil May Cry 4 coming to current gen


A ton of people will be happy to know that their favorite game is coming to current generation consoles. DMC Devil May Cry Definitive Edition was announced by Capcom earlier yesterday that it will make its grand awaited return to PlayStation 4 an Xbox One. This ever popular game will be slated to release on March 17th of next year and will give players all previously released DLCs, new hardcore modes and more.

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Video Games – Announcement – Resident Evil Revelation 2 Details


Capcom announced not too long ago a 2nd rendition of its revelations series. This iteration will be released in the form of 4 episodes and will release on a weekly basis. For PlayStation North America, the episodes will be released on February 17th, February 24th, March 3rd and March 10th. For PS Europe, Xbox and Steam, the dates are: February 18th, February 25th, March 5th and March 11th. The episodes will cost $5.99/£4.99/€5.99 and will also be available with a complete season price of $24.99/£19.99/€24.99. The complete season pack includes all 4 episodes, 2 extra spin-off episodes from the perspective of Moira Burton and Natalia Korda. This pack also includes an additional raid mode Character by the name of hunk. All the extra content will also be available for individual purchase.

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