Review Guidelines

Here at, I strive to bring good old honest reviews and opinionated articles that are intriguing and makes the reader think. I’ve decided in December 2015 to change the way I review games that will let gamers have a better gauge for the games. Instead of using a 20 points system like before, I will be using the following guide below to better inform readers on what the game is and what they should do with it.

I decided to change from points to a purchase gauge because between you and me, I want to know if the game is worth buying or not. If you have any comments, questions,  suggestions, concerns or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me at


Review Scores



This score is the top of the top in this scoring ladder. The game that receives this score is one that has some flaws, but knows how to captivate the player with either its graphics, gameplay, mechanisms, music or anything that makes a game practically perfect, usually consist of multiple criteria. These games, like the score suggests, is a must for any gamer’s collection and is usually a game that can live the test of time.



Games receiving scores of “Buy It” are usually more stricken with unwanted mistake, but still get the players attention with great gameplay and captivating mechanisms. The efforts of the developer are still given good credit for a good game that usually has a lot of playability in the long run.



You might want to hold on to your $70 instead of buying these games because you might be disappointed for that price. Although the game might be entertaining for some, it might be the type of game you either rent, if that’s still a possibility, or you buy at a lower price when it’s on sale or something. Usually these games have not the best graphics, poor stories or maybe bad mechanisms. It might have some good but in the end, don’t spend your hard earn money on it.



You ever seen a game at your friend’s house and wonder “What is that game?”. Yeah, it can happen that we don’t catch all the games, but it might be that the developer did a stealth release to make other reviews or criticisms go unnoticed. If you see this score on a game, don’t even spend your hard earn money on it. If you see it somewhere for free or your friend has it, maybe borrow it and try it out, no guarantees you will like it, but who knows.



The bottom of the barrel. These games are usually broken and are unplayable. You might play this game and wonder “Why did I bother wasting my time?” Who knows, you might get a laugh or two, but don’t count on being a game you will pick up more than once.

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