FINALLY ON THE PS4! | H1Z1 (PS4) -#2

H1Z1 is finally out on PS4 and I give it a test run!


EYE OF THE TIGER | Beyond: Two Souls – Playthrough – #3

Time to go back in the past and get my CIA training on in Beyond: Two Souls!


A CARD FROM ME TO YOU | Trying Out: From Ivan (Itch.Io)

As the new HR manager, I must make moral go up and send my comrades CARDS in this fun little game called From Ivan!

Itch.Io Game Link

THANOS WHO? | Fortnite: Battle Royale – #6

I had some time while editing and played Fortnite: Battle Royale which landed me a Victory Royale against Thanos! Not my normal recording method but still was worth it for a win.


WE DID THE MONSTER MASH | MachiaVillain (PC) – #1

Time to construct the best-haunted mansion in MachiaVillain and get monsters to help us out!

Game code was provided by Wild Factor Games and Sandbox Strategies. Thank you for supporting small creators!

HOW DO YOU DO, FELLOW KIDS? | Beyond: Two Souls (PS4) – Playthrough – #2

It’s time to bring Jodie some life with her first party in Beyond: Two Souls.


It’s time to see what the Father has in store for us in Far Cry 5. I play through the good and the bad ending.


Every door is a mystery in this little game called Doors. I must find my way out of here before it’s too late.

Itch.Io Game Link

TROUBLED YOUTH | Beyond: Two Souls (PS4) – Playhtrough – #1

It’s time I try out an old classic: Beyond: Two Souls.

WHY U NO EAT MY MEATBALLS?! | Trying Out: Check, Please!

I go on a date with my special lady and she gets very demanding in Check, Please!

Itch.Io Game Link