What’s up guys and girls! It’s that time again for Extra-Life! Check out the card below! Help me get donations for the sick kids of CHEO!

Extra-life 2015


Hello Facebook friends and familly!

I would like to take a moment to announce an event that i will be participating in on November 7th at 8am. This event is called Extra-Life, a orginisation which collects donations for Children Hospitals across North America.
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General Website News – Amazon Associate

I would like to say thanks to everybody that come to my website and support what I am doing. Ether it’s from Facebook, Twitter, N4G, WordPress or anywhere, you are helping me improve on what I enjoy doing, and that is talking about video games. I am always trying to make the website better and easier to use.

You all probably know by now that there is a price to make these things work properly and can get expensive to do so. So as of yesterday, Me-Time Gamer is now an Amazon Associate. This only means that I have introduced a “Support Us” link on the sidebar of the site(click here) and this will helps the website enormously. By clicking in the link, it will take you to the Amazon website so you can shop. When you purchase anything thru that link, it will give us a slice of the pie and help the website and keep building out on our ever-growing success. This doesn’t change anything in you purchase.

So, thank you once again for the support and stay tuned for more news, reviews and more! And don’t forget, black Friday and Cyber Monday is here and you can use that link!


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Now on facebook and twitter

Hello again!

I’m here to say that I’ve got a Twitter page and a Facebook page up and running! Also please barre with me while I get everything up and running properly like logo and all that jazz. Follow the link to get updates on Twitter and Facebook:


@metimegamer on Twitter





Hey guys,

Welcome to my blog! I decided to start this up because I want to share my passions with everybody. I will discuss many subjects like video games, movies, tv shows, podcasts and more. I will also give reviews and opinions and these topics. And please do leave your comments, I want to know your opinion.

Please enjoy!