MORE COLORS?! | Q.U.B.E. 2 – Playthrough – #2

We keep climbing up the never-ending tower of Q.U.B.E. 2 and find that more colors are at our disposal.

NO TO SHABBY! | PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (Mobile)- #1

PUBG is on mobile for free and I give it a shot. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.


VERY FAMILIAR | Q.U.B.E. 2 (PC) – Playthrough – #1

I wake up in a barren world and must fin my way to the top in Q.U.B.E. 2

MAN’S WORSE NIGHTMARE | Trying Out: Inch by Inch

I make a mistake in the lab and I start shrinking in Inch by Inch. I must hurry and find the antidote!

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TAKING TIME FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE | Yakuza 6: The Prologue (PS4) – #5

I bench the main mission and focus on doing the little things that matter in Yakuza 6: The Prologue.

A TRIANGLE INDEED | Orwell: Ignorance is Strength (PC) – Episode 2 – Antithesis – Part 2

We continue in Episode 2 of Orwell: Ignorance is Strength, where things take an unexpected turn and time is running out.

NARROW SEARCH | Orwell: Ignorance is Strength (PC) – Episode 2 – Antithesis – Part 1

We log back into Orwell: Ignorance is Strength to try and stop Raban from doing something really nasty.

ED AND FRIENDS | Yakuza 6: The Prologue (PS4) – #4

Time to hit the sewers and talk to an old friend in Yakuza 6: The Prologue. Of course, we get interrupted by Ed.

NO TOWELS FOR OLD MAN | Trying Out: Towel Required (Itch.Io)

Time to hit the showers in Towel Required, but some people don’t understand the social construct.

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LIVE CHAT IS A THING THAT HAPPENED | Yakuza 6: The Prologue (PS4) – #3

We take a break from our main quest and check out what some of the town folks are doing in Yakuza 6: The Prologue.