Hey fellow addicts!

Metimegamer.com brings you opinion pieces and reviews about your favorite video games, you might even discover a game you never heard of. I also post an occasional podcast, Me-Time Gamer Podcast, that covers the news up to the release of the podcast, new releases for the coming week and presents a opinion piece, Ping of the Week, every show.

Me-Time Gamer was created by Jonathan Fournier in August 2014. Being a father of 2 lovely girls, he decided to start the website where like-minded individuals can get information about their passion, video games. The name Me-Time Gamer was chosen for the site to represent gamers that go to gaming for their personal alone time and get away from the everyday life routine. Of course, we can still play couch co-op too!

With the site growing and improving everyday, we added affiliate links so that the community can help, if they want to, the website become even more. If you would like to help Me-Time Gamer out, go to http://www.metimegamer.com/affiliates

If you have any questions, suggestions, inquiries or anything else, go to the contact us page and send us a e-mail, it will be pleasure to write back.

Follow Me-Time Gamer on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube! You can also check us out on Twitch!


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