With all the recent craze about Fallout 4 coming out later this year, i got back in deep with old Fallout games, Fallout 3 and New Vegas to be exact. I also decided to buy the games on PC to experience the awesome mods that people in the community have created since the launch of these games. If you played the PC version for a while and modded the hell out of it, you know what Tale of Two Wasteland is and it rocks.

For people that don’t know, the simple version of it is that the mod combines both Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition and Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition into one game. That’s great right? Even better, you travel between the two games by train! One problem in all of this was trying to find these darn thing in the huge DC wasteland. I couldn’t find any flawless walktrough so when i found it and got to New Vegas, I decided to make a walktrough video of how to get to and from New Vegas using the train station in the mod.

Now, please do keep in mind, I explain everything, the path to take, the mini mission you have to do to unlock the station and so on. Also, if you haven’t started the game yet, when creating a new game, start in Fallout 3 because that’s where you unlock the station.

Hopefully you guys enjoy and please do leave me some feedback either in the comments below or in the YouTube video comments.


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