After playing games with the earbud that came with the PlayStation 4, I was ready to try out a new headset with a little bit more appeal but also functionality. I was also looking for a cheap alternative to more expensive gaming headset that had a good audio and comfort ratio. After searching the web a bit, I found the Tritton Kama for PlayStation 4 gaming headset available at my closest Future Shop/Best Buy and was not expecting the experience I got with this headset.

The Kama’s offers an easy setup with it’s 3.5mm jack that plugs in the Dual Shock 4, and uses your typical volume and mute setup. If you’re looking for the Xbox One alternative, Tritton offers the same headset with the Xbox controller adapter, for $30 more than the ps4 which are $35 with taxes. I will try in the future to use my Kama on the Xbox One by buying the adapter separately and see what happens. Other details about the headset includes 40mm diameter speakers and 3.3ft/1m long wire. If we get more technical about this, the Kama has neodymium magnets, a frequency response of 20Hz – 20KHz, a TDH of less than 1% and a resistance of 16 ohms.

Now to what you really want to know, how does the headset stack up to the other brands. Lets get our hands dirty and start with the comfort, the headset features a multiple array of adjustments. You can adjust the top band for proper alignment with your ears, which is done quite easily and offers a nice range. The ear cups pivot for more comfort but only in one direction which doesn’t really affect anything in my opinion when it comes to your well being. The headset are comfortable for a couple of hours then it can become bothersome for the ears, the foam cups are medium in built, meaning they’re not too thin but not bulky. Even after playing more than a couple of hours, you can probably forget about the small pain of the cup, which I did frequently when testing it. Usually, just taking a small 2-3 minutes break alleviates that problem for a while.

When it comes to the audio output, I tested this with Dying Light and I must say, all audio details really sounded great, I could hear every little details that the games was putting out. With the volume adjuster, I was able to drowned out all the outside sounds from my environment with ease. When playing co-op, the other player was sound crisp and clear without cutting or fading out. Compare to other ones I tried, the audio output alone makes this headset worth the buy. The gaming headset is powered by the controller but I didn’t see the battery life paying the price for it.

What about the microphone you ask? Well, from what people told me, the audio sounds fantastic on the other end. There’s was never a problem while playing or when talking to others, which is great because, compare to the ps4 earbud, there’s a huge different, even the other player said it sounded better than the Gold Wireless headset he has.

If you’re looking for a inexpensive headset that sounds awesome, that offers decent comfort, even with the small annoyance in the long run. I really enjoy the Tritton Kama for PlayStation 4 and recommend it if you’re looking for a suitable headset for conventional gamers.


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