If you don’t know yet or weren’t part of the 7 million people who played it, Battlefield Hardline Open Beta happened and gave us a taste of what is to come. From February 3rd to February 9th, gamers were able to try 3 modes and 3 maps which brought back a classic mode from previous installment of the game.

The first mode I tried out was Conquest. If you’re a regular to the series you know what this mode is all about. For the beta, this mode was played on the Dust Bowl map and offered a 64 players team rumble with, if I remember correctly, 5 capture points on the map. In all the modes, Conquest was my least favorite mode of the beta because it felt a lot like Battlefield 4. I understand that this mode is a fan favorite and shouldn’t be messed with, but I felt that they could have added or changed something to make it feel fresher. It was still fun but in the modes available in the Beta, it was not the one I went back to during the week.

The next mode I played was Heist. This one also takes place on one map, named Bank Job, and has a 2 sequences approach, meaning in sequence 1, both team rushing to the vault of the bank, one team plays as the robbers and the other as the cops. The first sequence is to attack/defend the vault, the second sequence, if the robbers grab the bags, consist of delivering/retaking the bags. At first, going into this without prior knowledge of this mode, was quite confusing because the instructions were not clear, but after a while it got more enjoyable to play because I understood what it was all about. What’s interesting about breaking into the vault is that there isn’t only one point of entry, you can enter by the vault door or breach by the roof. I really had a good time with Heist mode and I would see myself playing it a lot.

For dessert, I played Hotwire mode. This mode, in the simplest of explanations, is Conquest on wheels. The capture points are cars and the way you get point is by staying at a certain speed continuously. Other players can take or destroy the cars to stop your streak. This was my favorite mode because it changed a popular mode and added a moving target instead of what Conquest usually offers. This was the mode that I had more success personally and really enjoyed myself the most, I actually finished first in one game because I had the most points which I achieved by driving one of the capture cars for almost half the game.

One other improvement I saw in Hardline compare to BF4 was the way you obtain weapons and armor. This time around, your points convert to cash so you can buy those things instead of unlocking them, which I found really more appealing than waiting to level up. It gave you the chance to choose the weapons you want and not what unlocked at the level you just achieved.

In general, the beta was quite intriguing to me, even if I’m not a big multiplayer kind of guy, it still caught my attention and made me consider if I will be buying it or not. The graphics were quite superb compare to its predecessor and created a more realistic feel to the general gameplay of Battlefield. If you’re tired of your Call of Duties, I would probably check Battlefield Hardline out when it releases new month, I would personally said it’s a good one to start on.

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