KickStarting It! is a weekly article that features a selected game from KickStarter or similar websites. Each week, 1 game is selected from these sites and is featured in the article and that week’s podcast. The article and podcast will be released at the same time. I will give a run down of the game and any necessary information concerning the game. The article or podcast will feature, if developer participates, a small item from the developer. I hope you will enjoy and help out these awesome games by backing them.

Game: Orphan
Developer: Windy Hill Studio
# of Backers as of 05/02/2015: 201 Backers
Amount Needed: $32,000
Amount Collected as of 05/02/2015: $5,499
Funding Ends On: Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 at 12:00 AM EST
Platforms: PC/MAC/PlayStation 4*
*PlayStation 4 only available if stretch goal of $36,000 is reached*
KickStarter Page

*You can get the audio version of this article on Me-Time Gamer Podcast – Episode 5*

Orphan is a 2D platformer inspired by games like Another World, Blackthorne and Odd World: Abe’s Odyssey. In a world where you, a little boy, are probably the only human left, you must travel far and wide to find answers and destroy the invading machine army. You must find their weaknesses and use it against them to get rid of them once and for all. You face the mighty terrain of the Appalachian lands, going over mountains, caves and valleys. The key feature in Orphan is stealth, the invaders can kill you pretty easily if spotted. Shown in the presentation video, you will be able to hide behind rock to help you along the way.  You also collect items and gain abilities to help you on your journey.

Orphan caught my curiosity with the art style. Having played games like Limbo and such, I really enjoy the incognito of the character as you traverse land masses and fight off enemies the best you can. Take a look at there KickStarter page and help them out!

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