As time progresses, I dive deeper and deeper within the story of Life is Strange. With the first episode releasing in less than 5 days, we get another Dev Diary from Dontnod Entertainment. In “Butterfly Effect”, we explore what goes behind the rewinding time power that Max has and get a better feeling that it’s not just a drag-and-drop feature. Take a look at the video:

If this feature seem similar to another game, your right. It’s inspired by Remember Me, another title from Dontnod. What the guys at the studios want the players to feel is to examine the choices and consequences with the rewind feature. In effect, you get the feeling of power from this ability and helps you make the right decision. If you take the rewind power out, the developer says that Life is Strange would just fee like an ordinary game and would probably have no point of existing.

The challenging part for Dontnod is to figure out the rules behind the power so the player doesn’t have all the powers and be invisible. With that said, the rules must still make the puzzles and interactions fun and enjoyable. One little feature I enjoy is that Max is able to remember conversations and keep items that she puts in her bag. This helps during puzzles and change the outcome of certain interaction with NPCs.

The rewind time power is not has simple as it might look. It’s actually a headache for developers because it fiction, there;s not pre-determined rules for it. Everything has to be taken into consideration: animation, sounds, etc. Also, Max as consequences when using her ability. This is shown with a sort of film burning effect on screen. In fact, the whole rewind is a film effect because, well, she rewinds time like a film. This also adds a nostalgic feeling to the game which I find very interesting.

In the end, I can’t wait to see the final product of Life is Strange. Although being episodic, the game will hopefully be a good change of pace and over a different variety. What do you guys think, does this game seem appealing to you? Is it something that you think you will be getting? tell us in the comments below!

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