*You can listen to the audio version on Me-Time Gamer Podcast – Episode 3*

With the release of Evolve in a week or so, 2k Games released a Beta of the game for people try. Either Xbox One or some PlayStation 4 owners try the Beta. When the opportunity presented itself to try it out I jumped right on it to see if it would live up to the hype. I only had the chance to try the multiplayer and only the first unlocked characters. Let’s track down the beast and pick up what Evolve is putting down.

First and foremost, I want to say how I enjoyed the tutorial videos at the start of the game. These 2 minute clips explain each monsters and hunters special abilities, and techniques to help you win the fight. They ranged from basic to advanced tutorials. You’re shown the Goliath monster video and assault class one at the start of the game. Keep in mind, on the February 10th release it might not prompt you to complete any tutorial are the beginning. Nor will anything in the Beta be the same, but that’s highly doubtful because the game has gone gold already. They add a nice little touch to the game that help beginners out, it sure helped me.

The next feature that caught my attention was the after match quick replays. These recaps are shown while you wait for the next match to start. Basically, using dots, it shows the movements of all the players, where certain ability were used and where the match ended. This is interesting because you get at least a chance to see what happened and how to change your approach for the next match.

I started off by trying the monster class, which start you off with the Goliath first. As you progress in the classes, you can unlock more characters. In the final version of the game, there will be plenty more to unlock. The Goliath can do four different attacks like all other classes: he can leap smash, rock throw, charge and shoot flames. I would not recommend using the monster class first because it can get overwhelming 4 against 1. Also, you need to know some techniques to play as the monster and if it’s your first time playing the game might not work the way you want it to. Personally, I felt it difficult to play as the monster because that’s the first one I tried, I was never successful on winning.

The next class, and probably my favorite, is the medic(Val). Like all the other classes, the medic has four abilities he can use. Health burst releases a healing cloud of some sort that heals you and any allies that are close. the sniper rifle is the medic’s only defence against enemies. What’s nice about the sniper is it creates weak spots on the monster, which your allies should shoot for. The medic also has a tranquilizer, which will slow down enemies. The last one, and the most important one, is the healing laser. Pointing the laser at an ally, will heal him progressively. it’s advised to point the laser at the person shooting the monster. Being a stealth and long-range player, I really like playing as the medic.

Assault(Markov) is the next class I tried. This class has a rifle, a shield that he’s able to protect himself with, a laser rifle that is able to attack multiple enemies at one time, and proximity mines that go off when enemies are close. The assault class is your basic shooting and run character, but he’s the one that will deal the most damage against the monster. He’s an OK character but he’s not the one that stands out the most from the hunters.

The trapper(Maggie) would probably the most important hunter of them all. She’s basically the one that will keep the monster from running away. The weapons that are in this class include floor hooks that will keep the monster from moving, Trapjaw which is a dog-like companion that tracks the monster and a machine gun pistol for defence. The most important ability of the trapper is the mobile arena. This will keep the monster from leaving a certain area and help the hunters kill the monster. It is a fun class to play with but it’s not recommended if you are new to the game. You need to understand that this class is the most important one for success. You will have a good time if you have the skills to back it up.

Last but not least is the Support(Hank) class. Honestly, I found that this class is the most uneventful of all the hunters classes. His arsenal includes a plasma cutter for defense, a cloaking device that will cloak him and any allies that are close. He also has the ability to create a shield around another player, which is suggested that you use it on the hunter attacking the monster. The most useful thing that Hank brings to the table is dropping bombs, which rains down on the area that you decide. Beside the bombs, the cutter is weak on attack and the monster bring the shield down in no time. I would stay away from the support class if you like action.

For my general impressions on Evolve, the visuals are really nice. The gameplay can be exhilarating, but can fall short if no one communicates. This is a key aspect of the game and can be quite frustrating when people go their own way. I will admit, I did finish some matches without doing this and had success, but it doesn’t feel as good like when you play in team.

For the rest, I’ll let you guys see the game for yourself. I enjoyed it for the most part, but I can’t see the repeatability in it. I wouldn’t see myself after a couple of weeks still playing the game, let alone paying $70 for it. If you like multiplayer games, this game’s for you. For the most part, It’s hard. In my opinion, to see myself play countless hours of Evolve. Who knows, the singleplayer, if any, might be interesting.

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