Are you ready to get some discounts! I hope so because it will be available this weekend only. Posted on the US PlayStation Blog, the discount will be available from January 23rd at 9AM PST to January 26th at 9AM. You will be able to buy pretty much anything you little heart desires except subscriptions for PS Plus, Music Unlimited, PS Now and rental video content. Also, do keep in mind that your purchases must be done my 9AM on the 26th or it will be no good.

Furthermore, if you didn’t already get it, the 5 extra days of PS Plus are starting to appear onto your pre-existing one. You should be getting a conformation email telling you that the extension has been added and doesn’t require anything on your part.

I’m a little bit disapointed that it’s only going to last one weekend because some people might not be able to make a quick purchase like that. It is a good time however to get some pre-orders in and other stuff you want. What do you guys thin, is it worth rushing to get this done this weekend? Do you feel it should last longer than a weekend? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: US PlayStation Blog

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