Another hard hit for Nintendo has come in North America. Club Nintendo will be no more by the end of the summer. Although there isn’t a clear reason why, Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing, has stated: “We thank all Club Nintendo members for their dedication to Nintendo games and their ongoing love for our systems and characters. We want to make this time of transition as easy as possible for our loyal Club Nintendo members, so we are going to add dozens of new rewards and downloadable games to help members clear out their Coin balances.”

If you have any coins left in your account, don’t worry, Nintendo will be releasing physical reward options for members in February. You will be able to earn extra coins until the end of March and spend them until the end of June. They did announced that a future customer loyalty program is in the works, but nothing else is known at this time.

It’s hard to gauge what people feel about this news because I’m not part of that community, but I can understand that it must fee like losing PS Plus or Xbox Live. Are you bummed about losing you membership to Club Nintendo later this year? Were you even subscribed to the loyalty program? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo Press Release

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