Another week, another set of new releases for video game kind. Still, not a bunch of new games, but there’s a couple in this list that would be probably fun to play. Here’s what you’re getting for the week of January 20th, 2015:

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected w/Gat Out of Hell DLC(PS4/XBOX ONE)

“It’s the same classic Saints Row IV experience you’ve come to know and love, reborn and ready to kick you in the nuts on your fancy new gaming systems – with literally hundreds of thousands of extra pixels – count them and see! (Or wait till someone on the Internet does it for you!)

Did you know? Saints Row IV: Re-Elected also includes every single DLC and pack that has ever been released for Saints Row IV… ever! Yea I know, crazy, right?”

Citizen of Earth(PS4/PS VITA/Wii U/3DS/PC)

“You’ve just been elected as Vice President of the World… So what now? Recruit your friends, your family, and everyone else around town to join your party and fight your battles!

In this modern-day retro-RPG, you have returned home from the campaign trails for a little taxpayer-funded vacation… to find things have gone mad! Only YOU have the charisma it takes to delegate all the dirty work and save the world. So don’t ask what you can do for your countrymen…Ask what your countrymen can do for you!”

Resident Evil HD Remastered(PS4/PS3/XBOX ONE/XBOX 360/PC)

“Supplies are limited. Danger lurks around every corner. You’re trapped in an enclosed environment with nowhere to run.

This is a recipe for fear, anxiety, and exhilaration.

You find yourself trapped in a mansion, and you’re going to have to investigate every corner to find a way out. While securing your escape, you’ll find yourself fighting off enemies, scavenging for supplies, and discovering hidden items. Do whatever you can to survive the nightmare.”

Motorcycle Club(Digital/Cross-Buy)(PS4/PS3)

“Roll along with your motorcycle club on 22 of the most famous makes: BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha in a 100% arcade game!

Swith from one biker to another in real time and in the middle of the race to guide your entire team to the top of the ranking.

Create your club, recruit new members, customize them and improve their skills. Gain experience and earn money on the tracks to upgrade the motorcycles you already have and to buy new ones. In the middle of the race, avoid obstacles, perform stunts and rise to additional challenged for even more adrenaline.

Challenge your friends online and show everyone whose motorcycle club is best.”


“Splice is an experimental and artistic puzzler. Immerse yourself in its microbial world and start
splicing! Every level consists of a number of cells that you will need to rearrange into a target structure
in several moves. Exploration and experimentation are key in determining how the curious little cells
react to each other. Re-­sequence, mutate, and splice your way through this unique puzzle experience,
and you’ll exercise your ability to visualize sequential series of shapes over time.”

If you didn’t get a change to play the comedic approach to GTA, Saints Row IV w/Gat Out of Hell would probably be a game for you. If you feel like playing another completely type of game, Resident Evil HD Remastered would be another great choice. What’s the word on the streets? Are these new releases up your alley? Are you still waiting for the big ones in a week or so? Make your voice heard in the comments below!

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