During the North American International Auto Show ,or NAIAS, Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios have announced Forza Motorsport 6 coming exclusively to Xbox One in 2016. This announcement was made while introducing the new 2017 Ford GT, which will be featured as the box art for the game when it`s released. What the unveiling of the game in a short trailer:

Also announced during this little presentation was that the Shelby GT350 Mustang and F-150 Raptor will also be featured in the game. Furthermore, Dan Greenawalt, Creative Director at Turn 10 Studios, mentioned that gameplay footage will be shown during E3 in June. Aside from all that, this is the only known information concerning the new game in this franchise that has been around since 2005.

What’s you’re take on this new Forza game? Are they coming too often? Are you still interested in racing games? Tell us in the comments below!

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