Yesterday was announced that the first Call of Duty: Advance Warfare DLC was coming out for Xbox One owners on January 27th, 2015. There wasn’t any other date announced yet for other consoles but did reveal what you can expect in the DLC by the name of “Havoc”. Watch the trailer for the new DLC here:

As you can see in the preview trailer, this expansion will add quite a bit of awesome features. You get 4 multiplayer maps: Urban, Core, Drift and Sideshow. Urban will be a fast map that player will have to utilize close range weapons. There will also be a moment during the game where some lanes will close down and new ones will open to change the gameplay up a bit. Core is a desert location that will feature 3 distinct lanes and will have decontamination drones that will attack the nearest enemy.

Drift is situated in the Rockies. In the center of this map, you have a carousel that turns 360 degrees to allow total coverage of the map. During the game, this map will trigger an events which makes an avalanche  close one of the lanes. Last but not least is Sideshow. this map is an all out map with open areas and sweet over watch positions. There will also be bombs flying out of the marquis located in the center of the map and players must grab these bombs and use them on their enemies.

Another cool new feature in Havoc is the new Exo Zombie Mode. This mode introduced, like the name says, exo zombies. These zombies will be equipped with exo suit that will allow them to boost jump and move fast, which will add that extra challenge for players. A new weapons is also in this first DLC called AE4 “Widowmaker” and it a direct energy laser rifle with increase mobility. The only thing you have to watch out for in the over heating of the weapon.

This is a big DLC pack that even I feel compelled to get the game just for Havoc. Exo zombies seem like a really interesting idea and hopefully pans out to create awesome gameplay. Are you getting Havoc on January 27th for Xbox One? Did you buy the season pass for Advance Warfare. Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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