JAY JAY JAY, SON SON SON… JAY JAY JAY, SON SON SON… ok, that was my weak attempt at doing that creepy noise from the original. In any case, Yesterday was announced that a new Friday The 13th: The Video Game was coming later 2015. In an article published by EGM, the game will be an asymmetrical, co-operative and competitive multiplayer that will pit a small party of camp-goers versus the notorious machete-wielding psychopath. The format will be similar to the up-and-coming Evolve game, meaning some players will plays as the campers and the other as Jason Voorhees.

This will be the first Officially licensed Friday The 13th video game since the iconic NES version from 1989. So far, little information are available concerning the game, but players can expect a October 2015 release window on multiple platforms. As stated on the article, the game will pull references from the original movies and also has ties with the soon-to-be-release television series, which was announced for later this year. Only other tidbit of information is that an experienced studio has taking charge of the project.

Being a fan of the series since my early childhood, I always enjoyed the movies. Of course, the originals are better and if the game can stay clean of being like other licensed game, which a ton have fail, this game might stand a chance. I’m also hopeful that the game will have a singleplayer campaign and let us relive some of the horrifying moments from the movies.

What’s your take on this? Are you exited for this game? Do you think it has a chance to break free from the licensed game blues? Hack-and-slash your way to the comments below and give us your 2 cents, in blood!

Source: EGM

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