Evolve, Turtle Rock’s new IP coming out February 10th, has gone gold. If you are not too sure what that means, don’t worry. It only means that game’s done and it’s going to the presses to be turned into a nice shiny CD, or getting ready for digital release. Parallel to this, Turtle Rock/2k have release the Intro Cinematic of the game which can be seen below.

With a month left before releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, Xbox One owners will get exclusive access to the open Beta of Evolve, which will give players the ability to try the core mode of the game: 4 hunters vs 1 extremely huge monster. The beta will be held from January 15th to January 19th.

Also, Some lucky PlayStation 4 owners, like yours truly, will get access to a 24h stress-test on January 12th at 3pm. FYI, this is the only time I will mention this stress-test because it is under NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement) and I will not talk about the PS4 version of the Beta. And before you guys tell me that mentioning it breaks the NDA, no it does not because it’s already public knowledge that this exist. I will try however to play a bit of the Xbox One version next week and get my impressions out to you guys.

What’s your thoughts about Evolve? Does this seem interesting? Personally, I will give it a go and try it out because I’m not sold yet on the game. Of what I know so far, the game might be repetitive but who knows, it might get to me like Destiny did with the Beta it had. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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