Earlier Tuesday, we had the pleasure of hearing that there will be a new Tony Hawk game in the series later this year. This announcement was made at CES in Las Vegas being held from January 6th to January 9th. No other details were revealed except that The game was going to get the “Tony Hawk” name in the tittle and the it was coming to PlayStation 4.

If it will stay a PlayStation exclusive is yet to be seen, but the announcement was made during the Sony Keynote, which would explain why only PS4 was announced and not the other consoles. Hawk did give wind of this announcement a bit earlier last year when he mention that they were working hard on a new console game. He also mention at the keynote that the game’s progression was moving along nicely.

I’ve been a big fan of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series since the beginning. The most memorable for me was probably when they moved to Underground because it made you work your skills up from noting into a pro skater. Another title that I really enjoyed what American Wasteland. Yes, this title wasn’t the most popular one, but the vibrant colors and that the main purpose of the game was to build a sweet skatepark was really fun. The game also offered a great amount of customization from player to the skateboard.

Are you hyped to get another Tony Hawk game later this year? Were you a bit fan of the series back in the day? Roll down to the comments and leave us your thoughts about the future title.

Source: Sony’s Keynote at CES

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