Video Games – Opinion – Could there be only one?


For as long as I can remember, there have always been console wars. Nintendo versus Sega, Sony versus Microsoft to name a few. For the last couple of years, we have seen an increase in “exclusives” and “Only on” which most of the time leaves a sour taste in the mouth of the losing side. The big question is: Could there be only one? Think about it for a couple of seconds and let it sink in. I know what you are thinking, could I be losing my mind? What is he talking about? Well it’s simple, could we have a single console that did everything without the pain of arguing or envy?

I’ll start off by saying I’m a Sony guy. Since I received my first PlayStation 1, I’ve always been on team Sony. As of lately, I started to think of the question at hand and thought: why argue over who is better or scratch our heads over what console to get? To a part-time gamer, this is probably something they don’t even ask themselves, they just buy the cheapest console most of the time. Look at how PlayStation 4 outsold Xbox One just because of the $100 price difference, it’s not because there’s that much more Sony lovers than Microsoft. Then, why lose hours over simplistic questions when there could be possibly just one?

O.K., I’ll get to the point, why doesn’t Sony and Microsoft develop a console that would benefit everybody? I know, money is a hard thing to lose but aren’t we all in this for the games? After studying lots of articles, videos, live streams and so on, I have come to the conclusion that, Sony has the expertise on the hardware side while Microsoft is a power house when it comes to software. So, why not combine both? Throw in Nintendo’s awesome games and we are set.

If we take into consideration that most people have tight budgets, which only permits one console, we can see where this can become beneficial to the gamer. One console; every game possible. I wouldn’t mind playing God of War one minute then switch over to Sunset Overdrive the next. The true downside to this “war” is that gamers at the end of the day are somewhat neglected in this “conflict” between consoles. Don’t worry, this is not my gamer entitlement showing, it’s just a concern voice of what this may lead to in the future.

With all the talk about “DLC exclusive to Xbox” or “Game only on PlayStation”, companies sometime seem more focus on getting the one-up instead of giving gamers what they want, good fun games. I’m not saying that games coming out aren’t fun, I’m just saying they could be so much more. Imagining a one console future, getting all the indies from Sony, popping in Zelda from Nintendo and buying a unique game like Sunset Overdrive from Xbox. Playing Halo with Share-Play on your gaming tablet. These are just some of the possibilities that could happen if we had a single console.

Here’s the rub: money trumps all, no surprises there. These guys are just throwing money at publishers to get the upper-hand. Is that going to change? No, not in the near future. This is probably the biggest barrier in all of this. This could also go the other way and create a monopoly, which might just increase the price of consoles and such.

At the end of the day, I love to play games. Having one console to play any games I want, at any time I feel like it, without spending money for 2 or 3 consoles is, for most people, a dream come true. Could we one day see a change in the gaming industry that would lead to this kind of miracle? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, I’m still going to play my PS4 and gaze at the other side of the fence wondering what could be. Now, if we could only fix all the broken games…

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2 thoughts on “Video Games – Opinion – Could there be only one?

  1. i’m ok for a console with the best from the big 3.
    how many hundreds millions $ are spent on advertising, every year ? yeah, a lot. that cash alone could be used to create another +20-40 AAA titles.gamers could have 1 AAA title released each week.

    then, there is the game engines. they could make 1 or 2 big game engines, that all devs would use. the engine could be upgraded, and all knowledge would be shared by all devs.

    because 3 companies would work together, they could make a console several times more powerful than a ps4. even by using high-end components, graphic chips, etc, ordering 100 million chips at once, prices would only be like 10-20% of regular price.

    they could use some kind of fast bus, or cable, etc, so gamers could buy several consoles, and have each one draw 15 frames, and the second console, the other 15 frames. or 30-30.
    people could be able to link 5-6 consoles together, and have 6 times more processing power:
    for example, uncharted 4 would look great, for gamers with only 1 console. but those with 2 consoles, graphics would be even better, perfect antialiasing, more polygons, better textures, etc. then, with 3 consoles, graphics would be even even better, more polygons, even better textures, better lighting, multi pass antialiasing, like a pixar movie being rendered. with 6 consoles, gamers could have a like-like uncharted 4 game, or mass effect, or racing, etc, with perfect graphics.

    etc etc


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