You asked for it and now you’re getting what you deserve! Yakuza 5 is coming to the North America and Europe exclusively on the PS3. This title will be a digital download from the PlayStation Network. So far, the only thing close to a release date is 2015. Yeah, pretty vague, i know but it is still something to look forward too. Personally, I never played any Yakuza game but this does look pretty amazing.

You play once again as Kazuma Kirya and his gang in there ever-growing pains of the Yakuzas across 5 Japanese cities. it features updated visuals, tones of mini-games, new side-story missions by the name of “Another Drama”, more customization options and more. Feast your eyes on these little screenshots:

And of course, a trailer for your enjoyment:

Also announced in the Yakuza universe is Yakuza 4 and Yakuza: Dead Souls which are available now for download. This one really caught my attention and looks like it will be a popular game in North America. Are you hyped to see these games come to North America/Europe? What’s your opinion on the series? Scribble your thoughts at the bottom.

Source: PlayStation Blog/PlayStation Experience

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