This came as a last minute surprise when Telltale Games announced when will the first episode from Tales From The Borderlands whats coming out. Well surprise surprise, is coming out today! But the only hiccups is that you can only get it on PS4, PS3 and PC for today. Not to worry, Xbox will get it tomorrow. All the release dates for regions and consoles were announced on Telltale’s official Twitter account yesterday . Here are there announcement tweets on there feed:


There you have it! The reviews so far are looking really great and are floating aroud a 9 – 9.5 ish region. Hopefully it will be able to hold strong against the original Borderlands which is loved by many. So far, Telltale has not disappointed with Wolf Among Us and Walking Dead. Also, the trailer for Game of Thrones look really great. Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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