At the end of October, information concerning the first expansion of Bungie`s big September hit Destiny was release to the general populace. Earlier yesterday, we got a taste of a new trailer for the expansion and might I say it is quite intriguing.

Here is a quick reminder of what is in-store for the first expansion:

-New Raid where you have to conquer Crota;

-New Strike that ties in with the main mission ans raid(PlayStation get a extra one);

-10 new story missions given to you by Eris;

-New armor, weapons and more.

These are only some of the new stuff you are getting. If you look at the trailer closely, you can see that players will be able to use swords as a weapon now which was introduced in a story mission of Destiny. This feature had an outcry and people wanted more of it, well here you go. With a bit more than a week to go, this expansion will be a welcome addition to the game. If you are in Vegas for PlayStation Experience, you will be able to partake in a preview of aforementioned expansion which takes place just the weekend before it`s release. Whats your opinion on this new expansion. Tell us in the comments below. Here is the preview trailer:

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