It’s finally here! Our fist real look at the final game in Rocksteady’s Batman Trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight. Yesterday, we were able to get the first part of 3 trailers that reveals some tantalizing new features coming to the game in 2015. These feature include the previously mention Batmobile and some cool takedowns that will leave your enemies awestruck. The next trailer is slated for December 1st and will continue are the mission of the ACE Chemical Rescue mission.

I only played Asylum in the Rocksteady trilogy, but this one does look pretty amazing and might drive me to buy this one. Just the batmobile alone is enough to make me think twice. The cool things you can do with it seems pretty awesome. What do you think of the trailer? Is it enough to convince you to get Batman: Arkham Knight? Tell us in the comments below.

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