Finally, the long-awaited sequel to Far Cry 3 is upon us and is getting awesome reviews (ours is coming soon). If you’re like me, you enjoyed FC3 and will enjoy FC4, but what if you want more? Well, I got the right trailer for you! Earlier this week, we got what was coming down the pipe for the Season Pass holders of FC4 and boy oh boy does it look interesting. Now mind you, I still didn’t get a change to play FC4 yet, but I will get too it really soon.

The Season Pass comes with several new addition to the game like a story mission by the name of “The Syringe”. In this adventure, you must stop Pagan Min from finding a rare recipe which could change the rebellion’s chances of success. You get this mission on day one of release if you got the season pass. But wait, there’s more! You get Hurk Deluxe Pack which gives you more mission, more weapons and of course, more Hurk. There is other features that are included in the season pass like multiplayer maps and so on. What the trailer below and tell us what you think. Did you pick up the season pass? Is this worth 30$?

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