Video Games – New Releases – Week of November 4th, 2014


Here is what I would say the first big week in the Video Game season of new releases. We have big tittles starting to appear on the shelves and your wallets are already starting to feel the backlash of it. Here is what you get for the week of November 4th, 2014:


-Call of Duty: Advance Warfare(PS4/XBOX ONE/PS3/XBOX 360/PC)

-MotoGP 14(PS4/PS3/XBOX 360/PC)

-The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth(Digital Version Only)(PS4/PS VITA/PC)

-The Wolf Among Us(Retail Version)(PS4/XBOX ONE/PS3/XBOX 360/PS VITA)

-Rocksmith 2014 Edition(PS4/XBOX ONE)

-How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition(PS4/XBOX ONE)

-Bioshock Infinite: The Complete Edition(PS3/XBOX 360)

-Disney Planes: Fire and Rescue(Wii U/3DS)

-Pier Solar and The Great Architects(Wii U)

-The Swapper(Wii U)

-Harvest Moon 3D: The Lost Valley(3DS)

-Ultimate NES Remix(3DS)

Yep, we are definitely in the season and it promises to be a great one. Is there one you are getting you hands on? Will Advance Warfare be THE game to buy? Tell us in the comments below!


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