Well, we are finally here, 2 episodes away from the end of this season. The 2 last episodes are a 2 part season finale and the first one is a cliff hanger. There will be spoilers in this review so be warned when reading. Let’s dive into the first episode “Dark Water”.

We are dropped right in the middle of it when Danny Pink is accidentally killed while crossing a road. Clara asks the Doctor if they could go back in time and save him, but after a friendship testing event, the Doctor has a different approach. Reading Clara’s mind, the Tardis is able to somewhat find Danny. They are met by Missy and soon everything is not what is seems. We are introduced to an old “friend” of the Doctor.

This episode doesn’t wait to get started and it grabs the viewer from the beginning without hesitating. I really loved they way we are introduced and explained the afterlife that we hear so much about. What I really enjoy is that we were not force fed this arc and doesn’t feel overused. There was, again, a lot of shut up being said and I really feel that this word was used too often in this season, this episode especially.

The shocker of this episode is right at the end, of course, and left me with a small smirk which I was glad too see. This episode was really enjoyable and I really can’t wait to see what the last one has in store. Have a watch and enjoy the unexpected twists and turns, you will not be disappointed with this one.

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