The Doctor is in for another episode of Doctor Who with a 2D/3D paradox, big/small Tardis and much more to wrap your head around. This one is titled “Flatline”.

The Doctor and Clara are transported in a location where for some reason the Tardis is shrinking. Clara goes out in the world to find out why this is happening, and finds out that there is mysterious monsters making people disappear. After further investigation, Clara sees that the problem worse than it is and it’s her job to figure it out due to the fact that the Doctor is stuck in the ever shrinking Tardis.

In this episode, we diverge back to Clara being in charge of the situation while the Doctor is unable to do so. This time is not so annoying like the first few episodes where she was always in charge making the Doctor seem useless. The funny thing about this episode is that Clara pretends to be the Doctor with the Sonic Screwdriver and the Physic Papers, very enjoyable. This season has been a weird one when it comes to the Doctor/companion relationship because we never really seen a companion being as much or more the star than the Doctor. Personally, I want to see way more of Mr.Capaldi because he’s funny and him thinking he’s always right is fun to see, but still has that unknown about him.

This is another great episode to listen to and is well suited for our current Doctor. The premise behind this episode is intriguing and the sorta triangle between the Doctor, Clara and Danny is a fun little back arc. Missy also added a small little twist which I personally can’t wait to see what happens. You will definitely enjoy this one.

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