Here is another Doctor Who offering by the name of “Mummy on the Orient Express”. A little late again, I agree, but this one is another top shelf episode that needs a review.

The Doctor and Clara take a small vacation on a replica of the Orient Express travelling the universe. They soon find out that something is plaguing this little train but only to select few. The Doctor only has 66 seconds to figure out how to solve the problem that is only seen by the present victim and cannot be killed by anything.

This episode is very fun concept that keeps you guessing till the end. I really enjoyed the monster only being seen by the victim which makes them look crazy towards others. I also like that we get a conclusion in the tense situation that was developing between the Doctor and Clara.

I feel like some of the situations are concluded a bit to rapidly or we don’t get enough details, but this might just be me. One thing I do have to complain about is that some situations happen to make the story work which could be a bit tighter in the execution.

This is a very good episode that, I would think, made some people happy to get I would say good old Doctor Who. You will definitely enjoy it.

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