The day has arrived that we are graced with a new season of the Walking Dead. Season 4 left our group in quite a awkward situation and season 5 seems like it will be a big one. Warning: this review contains some spoilers from season 4 and 5.

Last season we were left with most of the gang reaching Terminus and getting locked up. We are dropped right in the middle of the gang getting ready to try and get out of the train car but they are soon stopped dead in there track when the captors change there technique of opening the car. When everything is set and done, 4 of the crew are sent to a room and soon fins out what these people do to newcomers. It doesn’t take long before everything chances and makes you wonder about what’s to come. There is also an old friend that is reintroduced at the end of the episode.

One of the biggest complaints I was hearing last season was there seemed to be too much drama. I didn’t really agree then and still don’t, but this season start off will lots of action and a situation that really makes you worry if the gang will make it. Of course, events happen and the tables turn. I would think that this will be enough to convince the nay sayers because the way this season started is telling me that it will be jammed packed with lots of action.

I don’t want to get into to much details so I let you watch the episode for yourself. I really liked it personally and can’t wait for the next one.

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